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Will Imagelink slow down my device(s)?
No. The Imagelink software queries your devices with a 1000 millisecond timeout period. Which is to say, if the software can’t gather its information in 1 second or less, it will simply wait until a more opportune moment.

Is my data secure?
Yes. The only information that Imagelink is capable of wholesale nfl jackets raiders acquiring pertains to the model and status of your networked printing device. This information is encrypted and sent directly to our secure Imagelink servers.

What if my print devices aren’t networked?
No problem. So long as the computer to which the print device is connected has internet Cheap NFL Jackets access, Imagelink software may be installed.

Will Imagelink make me more susceptible to viruses?
No. The Imagelink application files have been digitally signed nfl jackets from china to prevent execution if a virus has infected the nfl jackets australia file integrity.

Will Imagelink effect cheap wholesale nfl jackets my HIPAA compliance?
No. There will be no areas of compromised security of patient records with the products installed on the network, monitoring print devices.*


*Full HIPAA Compliance and Technical Whitepapers available upon request.